What Should I Post Online?

There are various posts you can publish online. However, it’s essential to stay out of a rut by repeatedly making the same type of posts. The best way to buy real Instagram followers.

People love being updated with current trends and news articles, which is an effective way to engage your target audience.

1. Product Posts

Demonstrating your product or service through video is a fantastic way to engage your audience and show how your product works. Additionally, this post provides an excellent way to introduce yourself or your team – giving people face time with everyone involved! Perfect for social media!

2. News Posts

News posts effectively inform your community of any developments within your organization, including student achievements, staff awards, or new initiatives!

Social media posts about student interviews or charity activities could do very well on social media, particularly if they can connect with current fads or trends. For instance, this type of content would likely garner much engagement.

3. Infographic Posts

Infographics are one of the most versatile forms of content available on social media, offering users easy-to-digest ways of understanding complex subjects through facts and figures combined with images.

Statistic infographics tend to be high-performing posts because they contain salient facts at a glance. These posts can be easily shared as standalone images or included within videos for maximum exposure.

4. Shout-Out Posts

Reciprocating appreciation when customers, social media followers, or business employees interact can be an excellent way to drive engagement with their target audience and put faces with names on them.

When selecting pages to promote, be sure to choose those in your niche. Posts reaching different audiences might not help your business in any way.

5. Photo Posts

Displaying your team in action is a fantastic way to engage your audience and connect them personally with your company. By providing them with this insight into its inner workings, your audience will also see that there are faces behind the names when dealing with you directly.

These posts can be an enjoyable way to share updates or answer frequently asked questions, or they could share milestones in your business’s development.

6. Event Posts

While at your event, create short video vignettes of key takeaways from speakers and attendees and then share them online. Alternatively, turn your survey results into blog posts or infographics for further dissemination.

All people enjoy learning about current events happening worldwide. This post type works well on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

7. Quote Posts

Do not post memes; if you do so, ensure they fit your brand and ethos. Instead, regularly posting inspirational quotes will establish you as an authoritative source of good information and make people recognize you as such.

Publishing educational and informational content can help expand your reach online, increasing search visibility while at the same time boosting your audience. However, be careful not to post too much of this type of material.

8. TBT Posts

Throwback Thursday (or TBT) posts can engage brands and individuals to demonstrate how far they’ve come. These posts typically feature old photos, videos, or texts with a humorous or nostalgic tone that brings back fond memories.

TBT posts can also humanize a brand, though make sure that any posts are relevant to your audience or that they could turn away potential clients instead of acting as an effective marketing strategy.

9. Industry Posts

Share what’s happening in your industry or observation that stands out on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. For instance, an entrepreneur could share their opinion about an event everyone’s talking about – like Mari Smith did here – or answer an often-asked question from their target audience (this type of post often encourages engagement).

10. Celebration Posts

Celebration posts are meant to mark important dates and milestones with your audience, whether that means acknowledging holidays, events, or days of the week that matter most.

Create social media videos or images with text overlays for this purpose. Highlight one of your employees or show behind-the-scene content as needed.

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