Setup Instructions for a Dell Printer

Despite the relative ease of setting up a Dell printer, I was not in the mood to write this article until I realized how much it may help a non-techie like me. Yes, I have a Dell printer that I’ve been trying to set up with my HP computer, but it hasn’t worked out. I had to bluff my way through the Dell printer setup, but in the end, I was successful. In this article, I won’t detail the many times I tried and failed to set up my Dell printer, but instead, I’ll provide step-by-step directions that even a computer novice should be able to follow.

My Dell 1350CNW LED printer is a work of art, but the installation process was a nightmare that consumed too much of my time. The annoying portion, however, will not be discussed here. Currently, I’m using Windows Vista on a Dell Dimension 2400. I gathered the Dell printer materials, such as the CD for setting up the printer and the user guide. You never know when you might need these goods, so keeping them safe and close at hand is best.

Since I am not very adept at wireless printer setup, I opted to utilize a wired one. Wireless, I reasoned, could wait until I was more familiar with the technology and its workflow. So, I connected the USB cord that came with the Dell printer. I plugged the printer into the computer and the computer into the printer’s USB port, then turned on the printer by pressing its Power button. Hurray! When I noticed a detected new hardware notification appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, I figured. The system tray is a common term. This notification appeared out of the system tray.

I closed the CD drawer and inserted the Dell Drivers & Utilities CD. I waited for the CD to boot up and give me an automatic prompt, but nothing happened. When I was ready, I went to the Start menu and selected Computer. Under “E:” in my portable drives folder, I located the Dell printer setup.exe file. To begin the setup process, I double-clicked the icon. The Dell printer installation wizard greeted me. To learn more about my choices, I proceeded by clicking Next. After setting up the wired printer, I moved to the following step. I didn’t bother to set up my wireless printer. I finally got my printer set up after carefully following the on-screen instructions. Since I had no other printer available, I made it the default.

I could print a test page afterward, and everything looked good. Hurray! I rang the bell once again to reassure myself that my hard work had paid off. When I first started having issues, I had not correctly installed the drivers from the CD. I had to start from scratch, but it was time well spent.

Extra Material:

I believe the newest Windows updates and patches should be installed before you remove the Dell printer setup. It can save you a lot of time and the headache of dealing with many error messages when your Dell printer and computer have been at odds with one another.

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