WordPress 5.0, Free Images, Boost SEO, Promote Your Posts – Tips Tuesday recap 11/20/18

by    SEO Services   Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

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Tips this week include:

• Holiday site success savings start now!
• An upcoming post on what you need to do prior to WordPress 5.0 rolling out next week
• New tutorials in the works for all kinds of redirects
• What’s coming next in our DIY SEO live workshops and challenges
• A quick tutorial on how to delete cache everywhere
• An update on my wood site revamp
• What’s in the WP 5.0 Release Candidate
• Confirmation on the rumor of how often WP will start updating
• How to attend WordCamp U.S. for free
• How to test your site for PHP 7.1 and higher
• An issue with the Cloudflare plugin on PHP 7.2 for some folks
• 3 social media strategies you can use to boost SEO
• 27 steps to promote your blog post
• Whether it’s okay to update to Genesis 2.7.1 yet
• A new Sqoosh image optimizer from Google
• A big list of places to get free images
• And the big site speed boost coming with the HTTP/3 protocol