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by    SEO Services   Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Is your website Mobile Friendly? If not, know these 5 Reasons Why A Mobile Friendly Website, Responsive Web Design Can Help Boost Your Google Ranking.
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In March, Google announced that they would be applying and employing mobile-first indexing. In essence, Google will only index mobile-version of websites and not the desktop versions. Over the years, Google has been making all the necessary steps to make sure that all sites are mobile-friendly.

And this agenda makes sense because mobile searches have already outgrown desktop searches in 2018. Google has, for the most part, aimed to support and assist most searchers as much as possible. Thus, with a robust mobile search trend, Google needs to adapt and adjust to the most well-known means of search.

With this Google algorithm update, those who don’t comply with mobile website optimization will, like it or not, notice that their Google rankings will slump. On the other hand, those who meet will plainly see higher Google rankings. To know more, here’s why you need to have a more mobile-friendly website for Google ranking.

Improved User Experience
Imagine visiting a site with poor mobile design. How long do you think you’d be able to stick around? For sure, your answer wouldn’t be very long. Nowadays, web users care so much about or keep a keen eye on the user experience a site offers as they go looking for the information they are after.

Web Design
In fact, Google even stated that they support responsive web designs over those websites with both a mobile and desktop version. As we have said, Google has been pushing mobile devices more than ever compared to desktop computers. With that said, they wish to make sure that internet users have the best experience as much as possible. Also, with a responsive web design, you get a higher likelihood to rank better on Google.

Easier to Manage
Instead of having to worry about creating and establishing a mobile-friendly website and desktop website, responsive web designs are, for the most part, built to do both versions in one. In this way, you do not need to change the layout of videos, pictures, and text relying upon the device your users are using.

Be More Advantageous Over Competitors
The marketing world always has that tight competition among businesses, especially online. Nowadays, to become a stand out to your customers, businesses are going have to do everything in their power to create positive experiences for their consumers.

If, for instance, your competitors do not have or employ a responsive web design and you do, their customers will, without a doubt, become your future paying consumers. As a matter of fact, about 56 percent of small-scale businesses have a mobile-friendly web design.

Another reason why mobile-friendly sites can help you to boost your Google ranking is that they are future-proof. The internet, now more than ever, is more accessible to everyone, with almost 1.2 billion accessing the web from a mobile device.

The internet is famous or well-known for rolling out drastic and fast updates that can either make or break your business online. And by having a mobile-friendly web design, you are reaping immediate protection and benefits from Google that will secure the future of your business in terms of ranking.

Aside from that, keep in mind that not only Google will be dishing out some changes and updates, the devices we utilize to navigate the Internet as well. A lot of smartphone companies are continually reinventing new devices with larger screens. Thus, as we go forward, it’ll make sense to take advantage of a website structure that adjusts to the changes and updates of the future.

How can you make a website mobile-friendly? If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you can bid goodbye to better and higher Google rankings. A mobile-friendly website means that your site incorporates texts that are easy to read without the need to zoom in, uses mobile software, auto adjusts, and adds links that are easy to click.

If you want to check if your website is indeed mobile-friendly, try using the “Mobile Friendly Test” of Google. All in all, keep in mind that unoptimized sites for mobile devices won’t get to enjoy and reap immediate benefits from search engines. But if you adapt to this trend, you can receive all the benefits, and you will likely see your rankings to boost.

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