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by    Buy Backlinks   Monday, March 11th, 2019

Inbound links are when other websites link to your website. These are the click-able text that when you click on it will bring people to your website.

Inbound links are the gold standard in Google’s eyes when it comes to determining where websites rank online.

Think of it like this. Every link is a vote. And the websites with the most votes rank the highest. SEO is not that simple, but it’s an easy way to think of it.

Inbound links are not all treated the same. Some inbound links are worth more than others.

For example, a link from the local newspaper is worth more than a free directory. Or a link from your alma mater featuring you as a success business owner is worth more than a paid advertising link.

Inbound links always need to be in the back of your mind as a business owner. Which charities do you support could write a blog post about your business?

What newspaper or news station did you turn down because you didn’t think their article was worth your time?

Remember, having articles written about your business is the gold standard when is comes to ranking higher in Google.

Inbound links cannot be paid for. So never buy links from sketchy websites online. Because Google could penalize your website and push your rankings down in Google.

Inbound links is something all businesses need to think about because if you can get a few qualities ones, it could propel you ahead of the competition. For example, a commercial photographer was dominating the rankings in Google.

When I did an analysis of their links, they had a very high quality link coming from a local museum blog. Because they entered and won a competition several years back.

Remember, get people talking about your website and get more inbound links. Talk soon.


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