Tweak Your Website to Boost Google Rank (Part 2 of 2)

by    SEO Services   Monday, February 24th, 2014


Do you want to enjoy higher Google rankings? Does your site bring in real traffic using the five things Google really cares about? If you’re not sure how to develop your site to meet Google’s standards, then it may not live up to its full potential.

Google’s algorithms have changed drastically over the years. Webmasters who keep up with the changes boast higher rankings than those who don’t. Is your website among those higher rankings?

If you want to learn more about how to increase your site’s place in search rankings, then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of The School of Internet Marketing podcast where your host Nick Jaworski interviews James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing and VP of Product Development at jambMEDIA about real traffic, the five things Google cares about, and Google rankings.

Google rankings and success are directly related. A Bloomberg Businessweek article reported* that when Google penalized Expedia for unnatural backlinks, the travel site dropped 25% in pagerank and 4% in stock price. This opportunity can help prevent that from happening to your business.

An Evolution of Google Rankings

James has helped untold numbers of business owners how to effectively market their businesses, and since 2001 has worked on how to best optimize pages for Google rankings. He reviews the evolution of page rankings and describes a bit of history about harsh penalties for mistakes.

Next James explains why content is still king for Google rankings, and what that entails. Listeners will also hear about previous methods as well as what Google wants to see in today’s pages.

If your website lacks these things, then it could be your rank that suffers.

How to Rank Higher to See More Real Traffic

Then James talks about what five things matter most to Google. Listeners should jot these down, because mastering them makes you a major threat to your competition. James also addresses the following questions:

-How can I improve the quality of my content?
-How often should I add content to my website?
-How can I add variety to the content on my site?
-How can I distribute content to add authenticity?
-How can I make my content more popular?

Google rewards people whose sites have the things it wants to see with higher search rankings. A high ranking draws in more visitors, bringing real traffic that helps authenticate your site.

Google Rankings Requires More Than a Website

Next James informs listeners about what could happen if nobody likes, re-tweets, or plus-one’s your content. It could be worse than having poor content, which is why it’s important to make content available to all avenues of the internet.

James admits that getting high Google rankings takes a lot of work, but promises that upcoming episodes of the podcast will peel back layers involved in making it happen. This helps listeners to achieve higher search engine rankings regardless of their website topic.

It takes more than just having a website to get real traffic to visit it. Your competition is using these methods to rank higher. Why aren’t you?

The episode wraps up with a final reminder from James that these tips are easily managed, and can leave your competition wondering how you got so far ahead while they trail in the distance.

Are You Ready to Enjoy Higher Google Rankings?

Do you want the benefit of higher Google rankings? Do you want to put the strategies from this podcast into use on your own site? Listen now to the entire episode and then if you have any questions or tips of your own to share, we invite you to do so using the space below.

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