Top SEO Tips For Ranking Organically On Google

by    SEO Services   Friday, August 10th, 2018

I’ve got a test for you this Hard Facts Friday- make a search that your business SHOULD rank for and click through the pages of hits until you reach your site.

Were you ranked on the 1st page of Google? If so- you’re an SEO master and I applaud you. 👏👏👏

If not- we’ve got some work to do. Why?

😱 Because 75% of internet users ONLY CLICK LINKS ON THE 1ST PAGE OF GOOGLE! 😱

That means you’re receiving 75% LESS POTENTIAL TRAFFIC THAN YOU COULD BE because you’re not considering things like…
👉 does your site include any broken links
👉 is it mobile-optimized
👉 have you utilized alt-tags on your images
👉 are your site pages titled

& NO— keyword-stuffing your copy doesn’t suffice as a strong SEO practice. 👎

But don’t stress! I was worried about the same issues with my content so I did some SEO research & put together this week’s Hard Facts with the ✨Top Tips for SEO &
✨Top Tools for Increasing Your Search Ranking.

Watch to learn now!


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