Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms by Global Alexa Ranking and Earning Potential?

by    SEO Services   Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Will you join us in taking a look at the top live streaming platforms in the world by website traffic because I hope this will be helpful if you are trying to see how many visitors can come to a live-streaming website based on how that website is ranked in Alexa? Using this data, I see the huge benefit to live streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously to get the most viewers. Here are my current top three choices! has the best engagement and earning potential because of our community here on Steem. offers the best viral video possibility and long term organic traffic. helps me bring more people off of Facebook to @dlive and YouTube.
In addition to these three, I try to stream on a few more of the top platforms to reach the most people possible! Here are the top live-streaming platforms by global traffic ranking.

Top Live Streaming Platforms by Global Alexa Ranking and Earning Potential?

#1 YouTube
Number one is YouTube.

Now, what I’ve done is I’ve sorted this in order of global Alexa rank. YouTube is the number two ranked website in the world in terms of visitors according to which is an Amazon company ranking website traffic.

Now, these numbers are estimates from Alexa and this gives a very good indication as to which live-streaming website can we hope to get the very most views on assuming we just put videos up every day, we promote and share them and we can respond to feedback.

YouTube is by far the best opportunity to get the most people to watch a live stream over time when we include everyone who might watch. Now, you might be able to get more viewers on Facebook on the stream live, but consider over the next ten years that people can watch videos that were live streamed on YouTube whereas they will be hard to find on Facebook unless occasionally you get a viral video.

#2 Facebook
Number two in this list, number three in global rank in terms of website traffic according to Alexa is

Now, if we count the actual amount of time people spend on a website instead of just the raw number of visits people make to a website, Facebook is likely the number one website in the world where people actually spend time on the website.

That means Facebook is very good for getting people to watch while you are live, especially because you already have more than likely some friends, maybe even a Facebook group or a page, and those resources are very helpful for actually getting people to watch.

#3 Twitter
Twitter has its own live streaming platform, Periscope. I’ve looked at the Twitter ranking here because while technically Periscope is on a different domain, live streams from Periscope go out on Twitter, and Twitter has the chance to promote them.

If you have an active Twitter community live streaming on Periscope, which goes directly into Twitter is an awesome opportunity, although it suffers from the same limitation as Facebook. If people don’t watch the stream immediately, they are very unlikely to discover it far into the future.

#4 Instagram
Even though Instagram is in the top 14 websites in the world and has a lot of users spending a ton of time on it every day, Instagram’s live streaming is very difficult to discover if not impossible after 24 hours or so last time I used it anyway.

#5 Twitch
Now, we go to Twitch.TV.

Twitch is up to 31 in the global rankings. Amazon bought Twitch, which means you have got the power of Amazon behind live streaming on Twitch.

#6 Steemit is the number one user interface for the Steem blockchain, which is a cryptocurrency that I think has the only serious chance to be number one over Bitcoin over the next five or ten years.

#7 Periscope
Now, we go to Periscope.TV.

We can see from here that this is Twitter’s live streaming domain at Pscp.TV.

We can see this actually peaked a bit and has been dropping. I don’t know if it will go back up or not, but I guess initially a lot of interest growing about Periscope, and then dropping off a bit.

#8 Mixer
Now, the next website we get to for live streaming is

Mixer is Microsoft’s live streaming website and it formerly was Beam. We can see some healthy growth on Mixer with a huge increase in the rankings recently, which is good. may be another one of those niche opportunities to jump on something that’s newer before it goes more mainstream.

#9 Smashcast is another one I’ve tried.

It had a peak here and now it has consistently gone down in traffic. I’m not live streaming on anymore.

#10 Dlive

Now, this is the one I said goes back to being on If you live stream on, just like with Periscope going on Twitter, does go on

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