THE Better Backlinking Strategy that Will Always Work

by    Buy Backlinks   Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
SEOClerks – The old ways of link building are not nearly as effective as they once were. That does not mean that link wheels and pyramid linking don’t work at all, it’s just that there is a better way. High PR domains are easy to find, and can add a TON of link juice to your target pages.

There are two main criticisms of this strategy. This first is that high PR domains are prohibitively expensive. This is just false. Although High PR domains can be used as a way to build links to other sites, they can also get a good amount of traffic in their own rite. The second criticism of this backlink strategy is that it’s too spammy. And to that…. I ask why? What makes it spammy? Nobody’s saying that you have to use low quality content. Why not turn high PR domains into quality sites.

You can make killer cash by creating high page ranking domains, but you can’t do it the old-fashioned way! Find out why the old way of link building just doesn’t work, and check out the new, better way! With this strategy, you can get your own high PR domains, and start dominating search results.

Watch this video for the easy way to include PR links to your site. See how to look for great deals on domains at Digital Point Forums, and what to look for in a good, useable domain. If you follow this specific criteria shown in this video, you’ll end up with a quality domain that you can use to make some money! You’ll find out how to make sure it’s indexed, check out the PR, whether it’s been dropped before, and if it already has some good quality backlinks. Make sure that your potential domain meets all criteria, or move on to another one!

Take a look at this detailed tutorial to learn how to find and vet your domain using PR Powershot! This is a powerful and super useful tool that can pay for itself after just one domain! Use PR Powershot to find high PR domains quickly, and for much cheaper than other places. See a demo of how to find domains at maximum effectiveness. Once you find your domain, turn it into a legitimate website to start making money, or you could even resell them for a profit!

Check it out for yourself, and you’ll see why this backlink strategy is the way of the future!

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