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by    SEO Services   Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Squarespace SEO Tutorial

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In this video I speak about Squarespace SEO & how to optimise your Squarespace website for major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. By trade I am a digital marketing consultant and I have worked with some of the leading online companies, teaching and consulting on the topic of SEO. It genuinely pains me when I see entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas but have no idea how to get those ideas out there and if you are a Squarespace website owner, knowing the basics to Squarespace SEO will help your site get noticed a whole lot more.

It is not enough for you to have a well designed Squarespace website, you need to have a firm SEO strategy in order to really create the kind of Squarespace SEO checklist that will have your website ranking for the types of keywords you deserve to be ranking for.

It is important to note, and I do mention in this video, that Squarespace SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. You need to understand that optimising your Squarespace template for SEO is only but half of the battle. You need to firmly understand the types of things that will ultimately enable you to rank well long term. In this video I am giving you the opportunity to learn from a seasoned Squarespace SEO expert as I share my tips, tricks and strategies to enable you to rank in the way you desire. A lot of people may ask the question β€˜Is squarespace good for seo?’ My answer is this, there are alternative and arguably better tools but it is the reality is that there are thousands of entrepreneurs already using Squarespace and it is my job to help them with their Squarespace search engine optimization.

In this video I cover:
– Squarespace SEO Tags
-Squarespace SEO Keywords
-Squarespace SEO video importance
-Squarespace and SEO

if you need Squarespace SEO help then this is the video for you!
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