SEO and Backlink Strategy AMA with Director of Account Strategy Sean Farias

by    Buy Backlinks   Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

We’re back with another AMA! This time a 2-part interview with Campaign Creators Director of Account Strategy, and SEO and Conversion Optimization Expert, Sean Farias. In part1 we sat down with Sean to discuss everything Search Engine Optimization. Tune in to learn how we get backlinks from stock images, whether you should guest blog repeatedly for the same blog, and more!

1:12 What are the most important aspects of an SEO strategy?
2:47 What are some little thought of tactics that can help you boost your rankings?
4:00 When implementing an SEO strategy do you focus more on quicker, smaller gains or more time-consuming, larger gains?
6:32 Where do you keep up to date on SEO trends?
7:55 What are your tips for providing a good user experience when a visitor lands on your website?
8:51 Is it better to land a guest blog on one site with higher authority or several sites with lower authority?

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