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by    SEO Services   Tuesday, November 19th, 2013
SEOClerks – It wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that search engine optimisation is essential to the successful operation of any given website, the process taking into account the fact that the future of online ventures is determined by their ability to become and maintain visibility to internet users, the steps involved then purposed to create an awareness regarding the existence of a website.

Traffic is the bread and butter of any website that has any intentions of earning revenue on the internet, and this is the objective of search engine optimisation, an increased presence on the internet almost always resulting in a surge in traffic levels.
While SEO can prove to be a complicated concept to perpetrate, there are certain steps that can be taken to efficiently optimize your website, and rather cheaply.

+Before taking any steps to increase your presence it helps to figure out exactly where you stand, understanding how far you rank and the number of visitors you are receiving, going a long way in determining how vigorous your search engine optimisation should be.
+Keywords, these are more or less synonymous with SEO, with most content writers for websites encouraged to insert the proper keywords into their titles, image descriptions, content, URL and so on, keywords basically referring to those terms most frequently used by internet users in their search for a given topic. Keywords make it that much easier for search engines, and hence users to hone in on your content.

-Of course one needs to be careful of keyword stuffing, the over population of keywords in one’s content possibly assigning them the term ‘spammer’ by search engines designed to ignore these sorts of lazy Search engine optimisation techniques.

+Internal links are just as crucial to SEO as keywords, the strategy of having links within your content in your pages linking to other pages within your website, especially when writing new content, this strategy proving even more efficient in the case of internal links that are keyword friendly.

+Creating site maps makes navigation that much easier, also easing the task of spiders in searching your site, which is bound to increase your rankings.

+It is advisable to keep the flash elements of your page to a minimum, as you cannot link to them and they do absolutely nothing for your rankings.

+It is important to remember that spiders only search text and do not see the images you post in your content; which is why it is important to provide descriptions to your images, preferably keyword friendly descriptions that are susceptible to the spiders’ activities.

+As important as external links might be, or the integration of social media, few other search engine optimisation factors are as important as content, as search engine have made it a point to place emphasis on the importance of guiding their users to the best content there is on the internet with regards to a given subject.
The quality of one’s content is essential, ensuring that is it updated and relevant to the topic at hand, the reason so many websites are incorporating blogs into their systems, to keep the information fresh.
–Search engine optimisation cannot be broken down into one or two primary elements that will prove absolutely effective in achieving drastically positive results; rather it is a combination of all these points and more that will bring about a transformation. Probably important as a first step would be understanding how search engines work, so as to adapt your SEO tools and techniques accordingly.
Few people are aware of how drastic an impact Google’s search engine algorithm updates have had on the traffic of many websites, and how these updates might further impact the internet down the line; as the internet grows Google adapts accordingly, updating its systems to evolve with the times; and SEO techniques should evolve accordingly as these updates can prove debilitating.
Google’s Penguin and Panda updates proved this concept. For so many years websites depended on utilizing powerful back linking techniques and keyword stuffing to ensure optimum results and achieving record traffic levels, taking little interest in the quality of their content or back links.
Google took offense to this, launching algorithm updates that focused on content quality and use of imaginative and effort infused SEO techniques, while punishing all sites with poor links (like a software company having back links from a flower shop); many companies are still reeling from these penalties, a number unlikely to recover.
Looking to the future and anticipating these sorts of SEO methods that might hurt you as Google moves to level the playing field is one way of staying ahead. Take these search engine optimisation tips and take action towards your goals today!
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