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by    SEO Services   Friday, October 17th, 2014

In this video I’ll show how to properly setup your website to help increase your ranking factors on Google. Start your WordPress website the right way–that is to properly plan your site’s content using keyword research, then use a SILO structure for your site content and proper internal linking between pages and posts on your site to maximize the on-page ranking factors. Google loves SILO website content, and it is much easier to rank your business or affiliate site that way – you can out-rank sites that have 80% more backlinks just by having your website setup like this.

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I’ll go over different ways to find keywords and content ideas using free ways that Google has provided. Local business websites especially are much easier to rank if you give Google what it wants — SILO content structure! I cover Google suggested search, related searches, and the Google AdWords keyword planner tool, along with demonstrating how to setup your site in a SILO.

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