pbn links that are bad for your site and seo

by    Buy Backlinks   Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Grey hat seo pbn link buying help , I will go over the links to not buy and to watch out for.
I do not promote the buying of links this is for info only.
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gray hat SEO pbn link buying or acquiring I
should say what I wanted to touch on was
recently I had a client who was
purchasing links from a relatively large
link seller okay it was a pretty large
pbn network now the tip that I want to
give you guys today is a very simple one
all right
as you can see here this is where you
would disavow links for a number of your
sites when you’re buying your pbn links
or acquiring your links okay if you’re
pbn provider all right
provides a full report then my advice
would be do not purchase links from that
provider and the reason being is very
simple okay if you’re buying links from
a provider and the provider is giving
you a full report at any time if any of
the people that are buying those links
and get hit and they disavow all those
links it’s gonna take down the whole
network now maybe not the first guy or
the second guy but I’m telling you right
now if you are going to acquire links
okay pbn links and the provider wants to
offer you a full report do not purchase
from that pbn provider okay
it’s a public network you really should
not be buying public network links
anyway but especially not if they are
going to give you a full report and the
reason like I said is if anyone in that
network decides to disavow it will take
down the whole network so that’s gonna
be a grey hat tip I’ll give some more
out I hope you found value in this and
keep that in mind the next time you
decide to acquire links thank you if you
have any questions or comments leave
them below and have a great day

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