New Domain or Expired Domain: What's Best for SEO?

by    Buy Backlinks   Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

A common SEO question: is it better to buy a brand new domain, or start with an expired or dropped domain for SEO? The thought process most people have: An aged domain will stay out of the Google sandbox and have full “ranking power” more quickly. Also, any back links built to the dropped domain will pass PageRank (link equity or “link juice”) to the newly launched site.

I would caution people from using a dropped domain for your long-term money site. There’s usually a reason a domain has been left to expire. It could have truly spammy links built to it. It might have been part of a PBN. Maybe it was hacked or infected at one point.

Google is a domain registrar, so they can see the entire WHOIS record of a domain. People who build PBNs use fake names and addresses anyway. But a fully dropped and expired domain doesn’t have the full power of the old link profile. Google sees a resurrected site as a brand new endeavor. You are starting from scratch.

The safest and best way to manage established domains is to acquire active brands or companies. If you take over a domain that is still active and part of an active company, that is the best way to use established domains for SEO.

Last thing, when using dropped domains, you can’t build whatever you want on top of that domain. The new content must closely match the old content. Googlebot will crawl any URLs it has in it’s memory and compare. *Match the content* and remember to have 301s in place before you launch, because Googlebot’s memory is infinite.

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