Money Robot SEO Backlink Monitor Demonstration and Review Video

by    Buy Backlinks   Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Money Robot SEO backlink monitor demonstration and review video. SEO Baclink monitor is a software that helps you in keeping track and managing your website backlinks including your backlink anchor texts and other vital information concerning your backlinks. Get your copy at

SEO Back Link Monitor – Manage your Backlinks URLs like a Pro

You just have to insert your backlinks list and allow this exciting tool to monitor and scan thousands of your backlinks and their current status, including anchor text details. The best thing about this software is that it can also search for html content in your URLs and can easily identify all sites that have specified website content.

SEO Backlink Monitor software is also the most powerful and fastest link monitoring software available. It can work with up to 500 simultaneous threads.

How should I use Best Backlink Monitor Software ?

Backlink monitoring software has been designed to use alongside your daily link building activities. As you build new links, you just have to paste them into the main backlink URLs list. For best possible SEO results, you would want to be adding newer backlinks to this list. You can remove existing dead backlinks by using “remove all dead backlinks” option.

In this way, it can become your master list of all working backlinks that do have some SEO influence. This become valuable during multi-tier link building process because it successfully finds and all broken tiers, so there’s no need to waste time in building new links to webpages that don’t impact your online ranking.

Website backlink checker also successfully tracks variety of link statistics including “Class C” IP addresses, IP addresses, anchor text, page rank and more. You can easily download a free trial of backlink monitor online.

Best of all, Backlink Checker also works with multiple backlink tiers! So now stop working hard from now onwards with this unique Backlink Monitor. You can use this software on almost daily basis in all yoru SEO related link building activities. As you build new backlinks, you just need to paste them in the software’s main URL list and just click on its start button.

Features and Benefits of SEO Backlink Monitor

* Easy to use – You just need to enter your site URL and your backlink URLs, and click GO. It’s as easy as that!

* Check your PageRank – SEO Backlink Monitor can automatically determine Google PageRank for each backlink page and domain.

* Checks Multi-Tier Backlinks – You just need to enter backlink URLs and the let Backlink Monitoring software to sort out the hierarchy.

* Check Indexed Status Immediately- Backlink Monitoring software can easily check in Google’s index to ensure that all your backlinks have been included.

* Indexing Service Integration – You can easily submit your backlinks to the most popular indexing services directly from Backlink Monitor

* No Cost – You get this software as a Bonus when you buy Money Robot submitter software, no matter how often you use it or how many backlinks you have.

* Scheduled Reports – You can configure Backlink Monitor to check all your backlinks daily, weekly or even monthly and then email these results

* CSV Reports – You can export results from the software to CSV for Excel. You can also input these results into other SEO tools.


All in all, SEO backlink monitor is one of the best ways to check backlinks and is a must for both beginners and seasoned SEO experts. Once you have this tool, you won’t have to spend days to manually track your backlinks and can start working like a Pro.

Just past all your backlinks into the SEO Backlink Monitor software and let it do the job. It will check all backlinks status and you can calmly work on your other SEO strategies.

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