Little Trick to Increase Search Engine Rankings

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

If you’re making use of backlinks to take visitors to your sites, you may not be using your backlinks optimally! Make the best use out of every backlink with this one simple trick, that most people never even think about! It takes absolutely no extra time, and can make your search ranking skyrocket!

I’ll show you how to target your backlinks for maximum impact in this video. It only takes one second using WordPress. All you have to do is choose your text that you want to backlink, and when inserting your chosen URL in the pop-up window, just be sure to click the option to open the new link in a separate tab. It’s that easy!

Having visitors open a link in a new tab rather than taking them straight to the link works incredibly well for increasing your search rankings. The reason for this is that one of Google’s metrics for finding the most relevant sites is the amount of time a visitor stays on your page. If they open a new tab, they haven’t left your page yet, and are even more likely to come back to look at your page later. There’s absolutely no reason not to use this incredibly powerful method, so don’t miss out on getting the best rankings you can get!

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