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by    SEO Services   Friday, September 6th, 2019

When you want to rank your website on search engines, the first step to do in SEO is to find the Keywords that you wanna rank on. so you go and start searching for keywords using different tools and services, then you choose the Keywords that have somehow low competition with High Search Volume and best fits your site niche.

IN this video, I wanna share with you one of My Keyword Research Tips that I use to Rank on Search Engines. Simply Its finding Question Keywords.
You Know, people all over the world, use questions a lot when they search to find answers, like:
What is Keyword Research? How Keyword Research Works? what is the best Keyword Research Tool? …..

SO search for Question Keywords is very important and you need to consider when you wanna search For Keywords to Rank on.

We will be using a website called “Answerthepublic” to get a list of question keywords related to a certain topic, then using my free tool we will reveal the Search VOlume and Competition and save this data so you can choose the best Keywords that fits you.

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