How – To Video Marketing Can Boost Google Rankings

by    SEO Services   Sunday, May 8th, 2016

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How – To Video Marketing Can Boost Google Rankings

Getting local leads for your business is actually simpler than you might imagine.
The problem is that getting online leads require specific strategies to be successful.
Companies that are looking to generate leads online can’t afford to gamble on what works and what doesn’t.
Many business owners are wondering if it’s already too late to build their brand and beat out the competition online.
The issue is not competing but learning how to reach the right market for your products and services with a great return on investment.
John Wanamaker said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is… I don’t know which half.”
One of the best ways to maximize online marketing budgets is to combine search engine optimization with content marketing through video.
Videos on YouTube for example can generate a lot of viewers turning them into prospects on your site.
A properly optimized YouTube video can generate leads and also deliver top rankings to your website.
Wouldn’t it be great to look back a year from now and realize how much easier it is to track and quantify your online success.
Add video marketing to your toolkit to help strengthen your brand, drive traffic to your offers.
Video marketing helps to rank your website in Google’s top 10 listings.
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Videos get 1200% more shares on Social Media
Businesses get 41% more web traffic from videos

Sales pages with videos increase conversions by over 20%
Grow your business 49% faster with video marketing

Post videos directly to Social Media for better results
Get a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines

Videos are preferred over text on mobile devices
Mobile devices make up more than half of online video views

Informational video searches are up 70% on YouTube
Consumers overwhelmingly prefer video product information

YouTube Videos can boost website Google rankings