How to Remove Bad Backlinks using Disavow File Google Search Console & SEMRush BloggersPassion

by    Buy Backlinks   Sunday, February 24th, 2019

How to #RemoveBadBacklinks using Disavow File, Google Search Console & SEMRush 30 days FREE trial.

I have already removed 1000+ bad backlinks and my blog hits number 1 for many competitive keywords in the industry now continue

BloggersPassion Video Level: Intermediate
This video needs you to know – Backlinks, SEO, Blogging, SEO Tools

Remove Unwanted Bad Backlinks Video
0:25 – Video Introduction
0:44 – #SEMRush Backlink Audit Tool
0:46 – tool link
1:20 – Potential Bad Backlinks
1:25 – Toxic Score
2:53 – Disavow file
3:23 – Google Search Console
4:22 – 1192 Bad Backlinks Removed on web.

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