How To Rank Better On Google With This Simple Link Trick

by    Buy Backlinks   Saturday, March 24th, 2018

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Improve Google rankings with this simple link trick
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Today we will be looking at how to rank better on Google using one simply link trick.

Here are three sections we will be covering in this session.

1) How to maximize the power of your links
2) What really increases rankings and how to avoid “downranking”
3) The links that help with difficult “money” keywords.

With Google having to adjust their algorithm due to manipulation, each link on the same page does not produce the same power, and therefore does not provide the same benefits.
The main factor that determines a link’s strength is relevance. Therefore, a backlink from the site Engadget to a page on ‘technology’ will reap more power due to relevance than say a page on ‘dog lovers’.

Therefore, a link’s overall score is a combination of relevance & link power… the more relevant the link, the more it will help you rank.

This means that if your link is irrelevant, it will likely count next to nothing. Google has become so good at determining relevance that they can out right ignore links.

This is why tier two links can be critical when building links yourself. You can essentially create relevancy to your tier 1 links and this is where content writing (on-page) comes into play.

For example if you have a PBN that was originally about movies and you link it to your fishing pole (money) site, then Google is not going to see any relevancy and pretty much ignore the link.
However, the solution would be to add more relevant content on your PBN and then build links related to fishing poles to your PBN, which in tern increases the relevancy score and therefore link juice, that results in better Google rankings.

For more information watch the video!

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