How To Index Backlinks: SEO Backlink Indexing

by    Buy Backlinks   Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Todays video will show you how to index backlinks in this SEO backlink indexing tutorial 2020.

So for the past nearly 2 months I have been really testing out this technique this method to index backlinks.

I started out with some really low tier links to try it out in mass and found out that you can not index mass quantities of links at one time but you can send out multiple emails ( to different addresses) .

How ever after further testing of this indexing method I found that lower amounts of links where starting to show in the forward facing index and the only thing I was doing was sending them with email!

So what you will learn in today’s video about indexing backlinks.

1. You need to include some relevant text around the links

2. Keep the amount of links low , it does not matter the quality of the links but the quantity of backlinks needs to be low.

3. Do not do anything else when seeing for yourself dont use indexing tools or indexing services just try this free index method.

4. This method works fast within 7 days but I have noticed that some will take a bit more time could be the quality of the links but have not came to that conclusion yet.

5.Business accounts work better.

6. Phone verified and validated accounts are a must for this to work properly I have tried other types of accounts and purchased accounts and this does not seem to be effective.

7. IP’s need to be different.

8. Business to person or person to business works best.

9. G-suite seems to be the best.

So I hope that this SEO backlink indexing tutorial will help your website start indexing some links.

After it is a success please let me know. If you have a backlink question or any SEO or local SEO questions feel free to ask in the comments I am always happy to help. #backlinks #seo

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