How to Increase Website Ranking in Google For Free: SEO Techniques

by    SEO Services   Saturday, March 16th, 2019

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5 Killer Tips on SEO
SEO tips SEO Techniques To Improve Web Ranking
(1) Older domain names generally get good rankings. Furthermore, if you have registered the domain name for a long time than you can also get good results. It shows that the person is genuine because spammers generally do not register the domain name for a long time.
(2) It is excellent if you are using key phrases instead of keywords. It is human nature that we write phrases in the search box if we are looking for some type of information. Therefore if you are using some selected phrases than the chances are high that your web page ranking can improve. It is very important to do proper research to get good key phrases.
(3) The proper optimization of Meta tag is another very important thing. The Meta report should be in between of 70 to 160 characters. The title should be in between 10 to 70 characters and it should be added properly on the top section of the browser. The title should contain the keyword to get the right outcome.
(4) You should also pay attention to the cross-linking of websites. This cross-linking can give an excellent result as you would be able to generate more traffic for your website. Here is an example. Let’s say that you have an article about “newly launched mobiles”. You can link this article to your own article which contains the information of mobiles. It can be very helpful as people generally like to see a similar type of information.
(5) It is always very essential that you should have a dedicated IP address. If there are so many websites on the same server than it is not going to facilitate you to increase the web page ranking.