How To Improve The Google Ranking Of Your B2B Website

by    SEO Services   Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Joe Doohan, the SEO specialist at Wurkhouse talks about the techniques you can use to improve the Google ranking of your B2B Website. [ Get your Free SEO Checklist Here: ]

If you are looking to increase the revenue of your B2B website, one way you can do this is to increase your search engine rankings to attract more visitors to your website.

Joe outlines how you can improve your website architecture, Improve your website speed, create keyword rich content, use short accurate keyword rich URLs and more.

One of the key tips to take away from this video is; “No matter what you do, make sure you make a site that you would want to visit yourself and that is written the way humans would want to read it.

While there’s no quick fix, the steps I have outlined can help create more traffic to your b2b website.”