How To Get a Dofollow Backlink From Google My Maps Tutorial [My Maps SEO Hacks 2019]

by    Buy Backlinks   Monday, January 7th, 2019

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What you will need:
Gmail Account
Google My Business Listing –
Google Drive
Google My Maps

No Follow Chrome Extension –

Sorry if the video was hard to follow. Hope it was pretty cut and dry. If it wasn’t, follow these steps.

Step One: Make a Gmail Account
Step Two: Create a GMB Listing
Step Three: Make sure your address is filled in completely in the back end of your GMB listing (if your business is operated out of your home and you wish to NOT have your address pinned on Google Maps, you can come back in and remove this later.)
Step Four: Create a new My Maps from your Google Drive and select create and share
Step Five: Zoom into your service area on the map and search for either your business name (as it is listing in your GMB) or your verticle/niche
Step Six: Find your business in the list to the left or on the map and click on the marker. Select “add to map”
Step Seven: Optimize your My Maps (if you want a video on this comment below)
Step Eight: Make sure your My Maps is set to public on the web
Step Nine: Grab your embed code and start embedding on your web properties and in various embed gigs. Here are a couple I recommend

Mid Range Budget
Google Map Embeds –

High Range Budget
Tony Peacock Map Embeds –