How to Find High Quality Backlink Opportunities (in Real Time)

by    Buy Backlinks   Monday, May 7th, 2018

Timing is a CRITICAL component in link building and outreach. This video shows you how to find opportunities to get high quality backlinks in real-time using Ahrefs’ Alerts tool.

We’ve already created an entire series on backlink analysis and link building where we show you ways to find thousands of link prospects (

If you’ve seen the series, then you know that finding websites to get links from is easy.

But actually getting the link placement can be tough, especially when the person you’re contacting hasn’t updated their post in years.

In general, when you’re able to perform outreach to website owners closer to the time that they publish the article, the higher your chance of getting backlinks to your website.

This video provides 5 highly effective real-time alerts that will send you a host of relevant link prospects straight to your inbox.

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