How to do SEO For Plumbers and Get Top Google Rankings

by    SEO Services   Sunday, August 12th, 2018

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Search Engine Optimization?

The scene of the search engine optimization world is constantly changing. Google has released major updates such as Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin in the past few years that have targeted some of the traditional SEO techniques. Newer methods of optimizing websites have become popular lately. This cycle is bound to repeat itself in the future. It’s up to the professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest and most relevant SEO strategies.

Mobile Optimization Continues to Grow

Business without mobile optimized websites will most likely not only see their amount of incoming leads shrink, but might also see a decrease in rankings.

There have been statistics that show four of five people in the US are using smartphones to shop online. By 2014, mobile browsing became more popular than desk top computer usage. The amount of people that use tablets and smartphones will keep getting larger.

Fast loading, responsive webpages are an important factor when it comes to optimizing a website for use on a mobile device. What some web designer’s fail to remember is that successful SEO includes the overall experience that the visitor has, as well as how the site functions.

Keywords Are Losing Their Key Abilities

In past years, keywords were a central focus for online content. After some time had started passing, they weren’t as significant any longer.

The focus should now be in creating high quality and valuable content, one that proves to be useful for the target audience. Keyword density is quickly becoming a thing of the past. How long text is and how well it’s written are the most important factors now.

Building solid relationships with websites and brands will still thrive. To this end, websites need to have consistent content that provides value to the viewer. The best thing is this type of unique and well written content leads to more involvement. Search engines will begin to take into account how long a user spends exploring or using a website.

Multimedia Content On The rise

Written content is still crucial but there is an increasing demand for multimedia content.

Short attention spans are the norm with today’s audience. This causes most people be more attracted to short video clips.

Having quality multimedia content is a great opportunity for boosting engagement. This kind of content can easily go viral. Internet users frequently use social media to share videos with others. Whenever people share of like a piece of content, this positively affects the search engine rankings.

Providing good content, leading to a great experience for your audience, is becoming very important for organic SEO. To be successful, websites must deliver what the visitor needs and it should do so as quickly as possible. In future, it is expected that the number of people who will look for information online will grow in the coming months and years. Building an online presence and attracting that growing audience is going to depend on the awareness of the constant changes in the SEO and marketing landscape.