How to BOOST Your Google Ranking in 60 Days.

by    SEO Services   Monday, July 16th, 2018

Best Off-Site SEO tips to increase your Google ranking in just 60 days or less.
In this video you will learn new Off-Page SEO tips and tricks for 2018. How to hack Search Engines and rank higher, especially in Google. This is a step by step guide to increase your SERP rankings.


Off-Page SEO means optimizing those factors that are situated outside your blog/website, which ultimately promotes your content and increases your ranking.


Step 1: Optimization of your SERP page result.
To make your posts attractive you have to do something that people start feeling that your post is something that can help them. For that, you have to optimise your Meta Title, Meta Description and Link. These are also called as the components of SERP result.

META TITLE: Your title should be:
1. Max 67 characters long including spaces.
2. Start with your primary keyword.
3. A catchy phrase or a word.
4. Containing a ‘Call to Action’ line.
5. Must be meaningful/ sensible.

META DESCRIPTION: Your description should be:
1. Max 250 characters long including spaces.
2. Catchy, interesting and wanna read more type.
3. Written in a sentence format.
4. Contain your primary keyword.

LINK: It should be short and attractive.

Step 2: Link building.
Link building is one of the most important aspects of Off-Site SEO.

It means giving out links to other authority, highly informative websites to make your readers aware of their information. There is a high chance that these authority websites start giving you backlinks, which is good for your content. This is because it is telling search engines that this website is of good quality. Search engines then increase your ranking and you get traffic.

But remember that the process should be natural and not artificial. Being natural means that you liked someone’s content and found that it can be helpful for your readers, you then give a link from your post to that website. After sometime, that website notices that it is getting traffic from your website. It visits your website, reads your information and if it finds that your information is helpful for its readers then it starts giving you backlinks.

Artificial link building is always harmful for your blog because search engines are smart enough to understand even little bit of artificial links you’ve made. If you give a link from one of your own blogs to other blog that you own, search engines immediately understand this kind of activities and instead of increasing your rank they will throw you back so that your content won’t be visible.

Step 3: Social Media Marketing.

Sharing your content on different social media platforms can make them recognisable to people and can increase blog traffic and ranking as well. Online tools like IFTTT can help you to share your content without you having to manually share it everywhere and everytime!

Step 4: Social Bookmarking.
Social Bookmarking is used only by 1% to 3% bloggers today. To promote your content you can use platforms like, StumbleUpon etc.

Implement these strategies and let us know if it worked for you! Don’t forget to like, comment share. Subscribe and stay tuned!