How Many Backlinks Does My Website Need to Rank

by    Buy Backlinks   Thursday, September 6th, 2018

How Many Backlinks Does My Website Need to Rank?

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Hey everyone Rob Web Joy here and today I’m answering the question, how many backlinks does your website need to get ranked? The reality of this situation is that I don’t know. We don’t know. Because you asking the question how many backlinks do I need leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

For example that question doesn’t tell me what you website is about or how tough your competition is, it doesn’t tell many how many backlinks you already, it doesn’t tell me anything!

The short answer to the question of how many backlinks you need to rank is I don’t know. I will say that you can probably figure it out by using tools on your own and looking at your competitors’ websites. Your website should be ranking within the top 100 search results of Google before attempting to manipulate your organic search ranking with backlinks, in my opinion.

The reason being is that if your content is not comparable to that of your competitors then the likelihood of your website elevating to a first page ranking and staying on the first page isn’t very good.

If you’re already on page three or four of Google’s search results then I would encourage you to begin sprinkling backlinks into the mix until you reach your desired position. I can’t definitively answer the questions of how many backlinks you need to rank because there are other contributing factors that are unaccounted for when we only ask that one question.

While I can’t definitively answer the question of how many backlinks does my website need to rank, I can give you some tips.

Tip number one would be to not focus solely on backlinks. While I do believe backlinks solves a lot of problems that ale a lot of websites, the truth is that without focusing on creating a good user experience and good engagement signals then any first page ranking you may achieve will not be held for very long.

Getting to the first page of Google is one objective. Staying there is another objective in and of itself.

Tip number is two should be obvious but it doesn’t always appear that way. Focus on multiple traffic streams! Do yourself a favor and do not, do not, do not rely on one source of traffic. You should know that Google can be a fickle mistress and you should always experiment with other traffic methods other than SEO. Don’t get me wrong, organic search engine traffic is fantastic because you don’t pay for it on a pay per click basis. Your listing is there in the organic search results, people click on it and hopefully find what they’re looking for and everyone is happy.

But I will caution anybody and everybody, do NOT rely on one source of traffic for your website, period! There’s a lot of places online to share your content that may also drive traffic back to your website. There are guest posts on blogs that could potentially drive traffic back to your website, plus there are a ton of other traffic possibilities available to you.

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