Hire SEO Agency or consultant to help you build links (backlinks) and boost Google search rankings

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Are you looking for a linkbuilding agency, consultant or a freelancer to help you get backlinks to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) search rankings?

It so happens that I am a great person to hire to get you natural, good links for SEO from authoritative and relevant websites. But in this tutorial I explain why you should not hire me or another freelancer, agency or consultant to help you build your links for SEO.

You can get backlinks on your own, without having to hire anyone. You can do what I do to get links because I recently launched a linkbuilding course which will teach you every strategy and secret that I use in order to get links to boost my own SEO. I literally walk you step by step through how I go about getting links so that you can do that for your website.

Getting backlinks on your own this way would be much cheaper than if you had to hire anyone to help you build links. Hiring myself, or any other freelancer or consultant or even an agency is that to get each link costs quite a bit of money, and the links themselves don’t guarantee to get your site to rank, and no one other than Google knows when you will begin to rank higher in search after getting those backlinks. So you risk spending thousands of dollars on anyone you hire, but don’t have a way to tell what your ROI will be or what the likelihood of your website ranking will be.

For that reason, it is quite risky to hire anyone since there are so many unknowns. This is why, if SEO is important to you and you are risk averse, you should consider learning how to build links on your own. It isn’t difficult and it isn’t rocket science. You can do it on your own if you just learn how to do it right, and the best techniques and strategies to acquire those backlinks. So take my course, give yourself this valuable skill, and get as many backlinks pointing to your website on your own, without having to hire anyone to do this work for you.