Google Penguin Update | SEO TIPS

by    SEO Services   Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Google’s newest Penguin update has changed the way all websites are being ranked on the world wide web. This new update has affected thousands of page rankings online. This is an attempt by google staff to detour practices such as keyword stuffing, using identical content, and black hat link schemes . The change had an negative effect where many innocent sites lost ranking.

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Here are some tips to think about and some steps you can take to protect your website from taking a negative hit from Google’s Penguin updates. Website Growth’s SEO Team recommends Implementing a few SEO practices that will help with your Google rankings in this new Google Penguin web environment.Website Growths SEO mangers will tell you website optimization is one of the most important items needed to have successful website online. Creating text that is natural looking is the best way to go. Adding more specific keywords make sense from a seo perspective. Using long tail keywords is the way to go when trying to claim a top spot in Google searches. Here are some examples of using long tail keywords, include “computer with keyboard and Wi-Fi” as an alternative to more frequently searched terms such as “computer.” Google works to always Fit the most appropriate terms in the title because it is the first thing people see when browsing using the Google search bar. Make sure to always add key-terms in header can be an effective practice. Relevance to the page and the website is still important and can be a boost for your website rankings.

Your website Content is perhaps the most important tool in marketing your site online, the quality and structure on how content is created can have an effect on your sites ranking. When adding images on your website its good to know Google now ranks your images which puts more importance on the written content that is attached to your via alt text. Alt Text describes the image and appears on image searches on Google. Adding Image descriptions should not be just a list of keywords. When placing correct text on a image you can use the alt text policy to your advantage. Website optimization and search engine algorithms are 2 items that need to be in sync for your project to grow. Websites Growths SEO team can maximize your chances for a high ranking with all of the Major search engines. By following some of these tips you can boost your online reputation and business success.