Find Top Blogs That Don't Have Backlinks To You (Workflow)

by    Buy Backlinks   Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Find Top Blogs That Have Backlinks To You (Workflow)

The more quality link prospects you can find, the more quality backlinks you can earn! That’s a basic rule of link building! But finding quality link prospects and managing them can be a difficult task.

In this short video, Ken McGaffin takes you through a simple process for identifying top sites that do not link to your domain, as well as top sites that do link to your domain.

With a short amount of work, he collected over 4000 link prospects using Majestic’s Clique Hunter tool. This is a simple process that allows you to work at scale to create two lists of link prospects.

The first list of link prospects he creates are top sites who do not link to you at the moment, and the 2nd list of link prospects -sites that already link to you.

The premise is that your priority should be to contact the top blogs that don’t link to you and entice them to do so.

He also explains that you should not ignore sites that already link to you. These can be great link prospects for any new content or initiatives you develop.

There is also a blog post version that you can get at

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