Digital Marketing Basics For SEO and Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

by    SEO Services   Friday, June 19th, 2020

You own a small business, or you manage a business’s website. How do you get more traffic and also rank higher with the Search Engines? Well, that’s a project that needs consistent, regular work for optimum results. Knowing and understanding which parts of that work does what makes things a whole lot easier.

When we create digital text content on our website using rich keyword and keyword phrases. That text content is what we use to answer consumers’ questions about who we are, what we do, what products we have, and how to contact us. We do that by first answering those questions for the search engines with the keyword and keyword phrases we use. So it’s really important for when we create our text content to use current, trending keywords that people are actually using when they search for answers to their search query. So all of that is part one.

The second part is to get our website to rank higher, ultimately to the first page, of search engine search results. What the search engines use to determine our importance or value is by how many backlinks to our website we have. Those backlinks are from a variety of other websites as well as our social media business profiles, we can do some of that by including direct links to our sites as well as individual pages on our websites with our social media marketing. Those backlinks are from other websites, maybe from someone you know, linking to your website and sharing your content on their website. Also, when we are working our digital marketing on our social media profiles. That’s what we are looking for as the more backlinks we have the higher we “rank” on the search results pages.

So when we work on those projects we are optimizing our website for the search engines. Or we are doing SEO by means of our digital text content we create and then share when we do our digital marketing. It all works together to create our net, or funnel to draw web traffic to our websites. When we share our content with our backlinks to our sites on our social feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Google Local Listing, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc all of that work helps to improve our overall web presence.

So, for small business owners, Entrepreneurs, and retail florists, and others in the floral industry. The more consistent we are with our digital marketing help to improve our business overall. You can’t have a successful business without business marketing.