Building High Quality Backlinks with Scrapebox – More then just blog links

by    Buy Backlinks   Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

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Many people mistakenly stereotype scrapebox as a blog commenter. So if they aren’t looking for blog links then they dismiss scrapebox. Scrapebox wasn’t designed as a blog commenter, it just so happens to be one of its functions.

Scrapebox literally has hundreds of functions that can be applied in thousands of ways. However if you are specifically looking to create high quality, high pr, low obl, good alexa rank, dofollow links, then this is the concept guide to do it.

This video covers many different aspects of scrapebox that can be applied to get filter down large lists to get to urls that are of the very best quality, and that will pass on the juice that your sites need. This is one of the true golden nuggets that scrapebox holds, that most people miss.

There is no other program on the market that I know of that allows you to do the level of filtering that scrapebox does, and thereby acquire these kinds of quality links.