Boost my website – Day 9 – S01 E09 – optimize and increase page speed score

by    SEO Services   Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Tonight we made use of image sprites for our footer to combine all of the social media icons and reduce the number of file requests made to the server.
We’ve also discovered how to automatically generate the current year in the footer and print out the copy sign.

We’ll start working on Roberto Blake’s website to replicate it and our aim is to improve it with little change from the original one. This is not a redesign, it’s more of a redevelop and optimize website to increase Google page speed score.
I hope one of those tags work:
+robertoblake2 #robertoblake2
Let’s have some fun!

This setup needs NodeJS and Gulp to run correctly so if you haven’t got those ones check the “required tools” playlist and get it done.

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