Baidu SEO Guide – 8 Strategies on Website Search Engine Optimization

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Baidu SEO Guide – Strategies to improve website ranking on Baidu SERP

1. Develop a Chinese website.
2. Focus on Baidu. (Secondary Chinese search engines:,,
3. Host the website locally in China.
4. Verify website in Baidu Webmaster Tool.
5. Mobile website strategy: Two separate websites vs. Responsive web design
6. Website URL for International Websites / Local Chinese Website
7. CTR on Baidu SERP
8. Technical SEO

To reach the Chinese consumers, first create a website in the (Simplified) Chinese language.

To get visibility in the China market, get your website indexed in Baidu.

The 4 methods to get any website indexed by Baidu, including actively pushing website URLs to Baidu.

Sign up a new Baidu account. Login to Baidu Webmaster Tool and verify your website.

Improve your website’s ranking on Baidu’s organic search results pages for your keywords.

Should you create two separate websites on 2 separate sets of URLs? One for desktop ( & the other for mobile (

Consider how your web developer would maintain 2 websites for long term. What about ranking? Your 2 websites get 2 sets of rankings for the same search queries on Baidu web search and Baidu mobile search?

Or make your website “responsive” – Keep 1 single set of URLs with your site. Responsive web design would work well on Google.

Optimize on-page SEO, technical SEO, etc.


Create a new Baidu account:

Baidu Webmaster Tool:

Download the Baidu SEO Guide (in PDF):

Download the SEO Checklist (in PDF):