App Store Optimization for Google Play🥇 | How to Rank #1 on Google Play Store

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

App Store Optimization for Google Play 🥇 | How to Rank #1 on Google Play Store

In today’s video, we’re going to learn about the topic App Store Optimization within the Google Play Store.

If, by accident, you came here because you’re looking for App Store Optimization for the Apple App Store, we have a dedicated video for this topic as well:

Why is the topic App Store Optimization for Google Play apps important? 0:24
Quite easy.
There are 3 million apps within the Google Play Store 😱 This means this a hell lot of competition,
and you have to do your best to stand out from the masses so that you can also attract the right users for your app or mobile game.

👉 First of all, it’s very important that Google has some kind of history within the search business.
This means that Google Play search algorithm is way more experienced or way more further developed than, for example, the algorithm within the Apple App Store.

In this video, we’re going to cover the most important points that you can use to optimize your app to be more visible within the Play Store.

First of all, let’s start with The App Name 1:03

✅ You have up to 50 characters that you can use for this field.
✅ It’s important that you bring in your brand name, as well as a short descriptive sentence containing relevant keywords that help users out there understand what your app is about.

💡 Bonus tip: put emojis in your app name because, quite simple, this will help your app to stand out compared to your competitors.

Next stop: Short Description 1:30
✅ You have up to 80 characters to write a short description of your app and give your users a better understanding of what your app is about before they’re going to download it.
✅ You can also use this field, and you should also use this field to put relevant keywords in there because, once again, the algorithm in the background will give keywords that come into your short description a higher weight compared with keywords that come in your description, for example.

Next up: Description 1:56
✅ Within the Description, you have 4000 characters that you can use to describe your app.
But, once again, we’re talking about App Store Optimization, so, therefore, it’s also very important that you put relevant keywords within your description because, otherwise, the Play Store simply doesn’t know what you want to be found for.
✅ It’s also very important to understand that when you place keywords in the beginning of your description, they’ll have a higher weight for the algorithm compared to keywords that you placing at the end of your description.

Another thing to consider is how often should do you repeat keywords? 2:27

✅ There is no general answer that is perfect for every app out there, but to give you some kind of guidance: you should use a keyword at least 3 times, and maximum 5 times.

✅ When writing your description, also make sure that you use paragraphs, as well as use emojis to structuring the content

Next up: The developer name 3:02

✅ The Google Play’s algorithm also looks at what keywords are being used within your Developer Name and also ranks you higher for those keywords. So this can be also a very nice idea to bring in some more keywords that are super relevant for your app and, especially, for your app developer account.

Next Factor: Localization 3:20

It’s quite simple.

✅ Localize and translate your app into different languages, so you’re also going to be found for keywords from those languages as well. On the one hand, this a good sign for the Google Play algorithm and on the other hand, this is also a good sign for users within those countries because then they have a better understanding of what your app is about.

Remember that your
✔️ App Name
✔️ Short Description
✔️ Description
play an important role for Google’s algorithm, so be sure to localize all of them.

One massive difference between Google’s algorithm compared to the Apple’s algorithm is that the Google is also taking into consideration Usage Metrics 3:59

So, if you’re losing visibility within the app store, it doesn’t have to mean that your keywords are not the right ones, it can also be that the quality of your app is just lacking.

Another Factor Ratings: 4:22
It’s not only about the amount, it’s also about what people are saying.
Which keywords are they using, because the Google Play’s algorithm also considers those keywords for your app.

Last but not least, Installs 4:35

The more installs you have, the more power your app will have within the Google Play Store,
more chances you’ll have to rank for more competitive keywords.

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