Alexa Ranking How It Works (TOP 1 MILLION)

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

In this AffiliateWatch video we break down what is Alexa, why alexa ranking is important, how the alexa ranking works, and how to get a better alexa ranking. Alexa is a website that ranks all the websites in the world. Alexa is owned by Amazon.

AffiliateWatch is in the top 1 million websites and we explain why that is a big deal in this video. The free CSV Alexa ( Amazon ) gives developers is the top 1 million websites. So from being in the top 1 million websites you get exposed to a lot of other websites. There is a lot of websites that index the top 1 million websites from Alexa.

A few tips to improve your alexa ranking:

1. Build a good product

2. Set up all your social profiles and build high quality backlinks

3. Use the amazon toolbar ( con: privacy )

4. Hire someone on Fiverr for an affordable price to help you:

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