5 Tips To Improve Your Manufacturing SEO

by    SEO Services   Friday, March 23rd, 2018
SEOClerks We look at five ways you can improve the SEO for your manufacturing website.

1. Invest in design and user experience (is it mobile friendly? Are things easy to find? Does the site load quickly? Would you buy from a site that looks like this?)

2. Have informational pages, and not just sales pages. Create pages that answer customer’s pre-sales questions.

3. YouTube is a search engine too! And Google owns YouTube. People love to watch videos that educate them, or entertain them. Your customers want to see cool stuff that happens in your shop. Videos are a great way to build brand awareness and possibly show up in Google search results.

4. Build links that will drive traffic from other sites. Google looks at links from external websites as a vote of confidence in your site. Large brands do marketing on sites where their customers hang out. “Build it and they will come” doesn’t work in the world of online marketing.

5. Measure the results of your SEO efforts. Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console and keep track of whether your traffic is going up or going down. What pages are your customers going to most often? Looking at details like this over time is just as important as raw rankings.

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