3 SEO Techniques For 2019 – How You Can we Boost our Website Traffic

by    SEO Services   Friday, September 27th, 2019

In this video I am sharing 3 ways to boost your website traffic.

1.Content Collaboration: In this you need to collaborate with your industry influencers and do joint venture for content, videos, podcast etc. You can ask your industry influencers for collaboration and do webinars, events.

This will help you in boosting your website traffic by acquiring the audience of your influencers. When you do join venture with influencers then will definitely post your content on their network so this way you can reach to a massive audience which are related to your industry and have interest similar to your business.

2. Push Notification: This is used by many bloggers, when you visit a website it ask you to subscribe by showing you a notification at the left hand side top. Once you subscribe this notification then you will start receiving notification from the website.

This is one of the engaging way to interact with your audience and ask them to return back to your website.

3. Paid Marketing: I know that many people say to go with SEO and I also use SEO for my website and client website but as I mentioned in the title ”Boost your website traffic” so we need to include paid marketing.

There are several ways through which you can do paid marketing like Google ad words, Facebook marketing, twitter Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing etc.

Follow this 3 tips to boost your website traffic and you might also get some leads as well.

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