YouTube SEO Ranking Factors: Tips To Improve Your Ranking

by    SEO Services   Monday, October 9th, 2017

A case study on YouTube SEO Ranking Factors and the tips that will help you to improve your ranking.

While there’s plenty of videos and posts on the primary ranking factors Google uses for YouTube search results, I was interested in what really made things tick.

This video not only reviews what those primary ranking factors happen to be, but we put them to the test via this case study. What happens to your YouTube SEO ranking when you add a custom thumbnail with your keyword as part of the file name? What’s the right keyword density for the video description, and how many words should you include. And what really happens when your video gets a spike in views and likes in a short period of time? I’ll walk you through the results after each of these changes, and graph the result.

If you’re looking for some insight into YouTube SEO and how various changes may impact your rank, you’ll want to watch this whole video.

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