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by    Buy Backlinks   Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

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I love “one of a kind” products and WikiLink Jacker is such a powerful software for Internet Marketers unlike anything else we’ve seen.

It’s about time we focus on building QUALITY backlinks through white hat SEO methods instead of chasing our tails with spammy link building practices that stopped working a long time ago!

But did you realize how easy it is to get your website’s link published on Wikipedia? Let me take you through the process:

Using WikiLink Jacker, enter your keyword or niche and the software will display a long list of related Wikipedia entries that have “Dead Links”.

Dead Links are broken links for references on Wikipedia pages but they are very important since Wikipedia is the Internet’s #1 reference site.

A dead link can also be fixed when website owners like you and I write an article on our site’s about the subject related to the missing link.

For example, let’s say the Wikipedia entry for retired NFL player Barry Sanders included a sentence:

“Barry Sanders broke the Detroit Lions team record.”

At the end of that sentence, there would be a citation link that references an article about the record broken by Barry Sanders.

But two years later, the domain hosting that article expires and we are left with a broken link that needs to be filled!

This would create an opportunity for you to write a QUALITY article about the same subject and publish it to Wikipedia.

As long as your article remains high quality it will become a PERMANENT backlink on one of the world’s highest authority websites!

So what constitutes a “quality” article? If you aren’t sure, simply look at some of the other references on Wikipedia that lead to articles and take note on their quality. The existing articles are your standards and guidelines. I’m pretty sure you would agree with me that a little extra effort with your writing in return for one of the best possible backlinks is a fair trade! And if you aren’t a good writer, it is a job that would be worth outsourcing to someone.

Without WikiLink Jacker it would be far too inefficient to try and find Wikipedia pages with dead links at the click of a button. In fact, that would be literally impossible. Since we are only human, we would have to do this by looking at one… page… at… a… time…

And from my own experience I can tell you that is NOT the way to become a successful Internet Marketer.

WikiLink Jacker is an awesome tool that will come in handy with just about any website you’ve created. Remember that one very high authority backlink is probably worth more than 100 regular backlinks today. Ultimately, you would save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money by taking advantage of this major opportunity to build quality backlinks to your websites.


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