Why do you need the google maps stack by Dana Brandel Branding? Rank with Google Maps SEO.

by    SEO Services   Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

The Google Maps Stack! Local Seo by dana Brandel Branding, Properly stacking your youtube page and interlinking between and around certain listings and citations is a major factor in any ranking system. Getting to the top if google and all other directories and search engines has never been more important or honestly crucial.
In this video I tell you why it is important to be on google but more importantly how to get I get my clients there. The next video in this series will be a step by step to my newest and most affordable solution The Google Stack.

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Ranking your GMB on #googlemaps is something we sue and include in the #localmapsseo system in the Digital Branding solution.
The #googlemaps results featured in this video are actually pulled off the back of the google my business listing dashboard.
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