What Is A PBN "Private Blogging Network"

by    SEO Services   Monday, September 23rd, 2019

The short answer is no. A PBN requires a serious amount of time and money. You also take the ultimate risk of being deindexed or receiving a manual penalty from Google. Now let’s explain why this is a bad choice.

Private blogging networks are purchasing expired domains, relevant to your content. You will spend hours on an expired domain site. Comparing domain authority, trust flow, checking for spamdexing. Only to find a few if any expired domains which are worthy of purchasing.
Once you’ve purchased your domain, you will want to buy an SSL. Then create a website (generally on a website managed hosting platform). Create the content you want others to read, add contextual links back to your main website. Then you will receive credit for one single backlink.

Every time you publish new content to your main website, you will need to create a post on each of your PBN’s. This will create another link back to your main website. With content spinners, you will be able to shortcut the time and energy for this process, right? Wrong. Content spinners generally produce very low quality if even readable content. This could flag search engines to your shortcuts, and breach of their terms of service. Don’t take our word for it. Try out the link above for free content spinning. Copy and paste some copied text from an article, and give it a whirl.
What Is A PBN Or A PBN Site? What Is A Web 2.0 Site?

Let’s define what a PBN is, and also the cheaper method of creating a similar solution, which is a Web 2.0.

A private blogging network, is a process of buying expired domains with authority. Then you create a website with those expired domains. Once you create the website, you place content onto the site. Then, you create contextual links back to your main website. Sometimes, grey hat SEO’ers will create a “walled garden”. A walled garden links all their websites in their PBN together, then back to the main website. This is a quick way to signal search engines to your efforts at gaming the system. This could result in deindexing or a manual penalty.

So, what’s a Web 2.0?

We are seeing a tremendous amount of Web 2.0’s used currently, as a cheaper way to create the same end result. A Web 2.0 is a web blogging network, which is like a PBN. Web 2.0’s use free blogging platforms such as WordPress, Weebly, Blogger, or many others, to do the same task as a PBN.

Both need similar time and effort, in posting content and creating backlinks. We see a lot of large companies using Web 2.0’s currently, which is quite surprising to us. With an algorithm change from Google, these large companies could receive a penalty. Imagine the CEO of a company, explaining to investors their website is deindexed?