Video SEO – 11 Actionable Tips to Rank #1 on Youtube (2020)

by    SEO Services   Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

In this video, we’re going to show you 11 super actionable Video SEO tips that you can implement for FREE to help your videos rank #1 on Youtube.

If you’re making videos but struggling to get people to watch them, the actionable techniques in the video will help your videos rank higher i.e. become more easily discoverable.

With that, here’s a preview of what we cover in this video.

First, we’re going to discuss how to select the topics you need to make your videos on and the step-by-step process of finding and using the right keywords to rank your videos. We’ll also cover the different platforms you can use to upload your videos and when you should be using them.

Next, we’ll tell you how long your videos should be depending on its purpose. We’ll also give you an essentiel Video SEO tip (that most people forget) that you need to implement while uploading your videos.

We’ll then show you how to optimize your videos for smartphones and the different specifications to keep in mind for different devices. We’ll also show you the importance of metadata – a key video SEO ranking signal and how to use it.

Next up, we’ll show you how to write the perfect title and description for your videos. We’ll follow this up with a guide on creating your very own eye-catching custom video thumbnail.

Finally we’ll show you how you can make your videos more easily understandable by Google. We’ll close by showing you exactly how to use your videos on your website and what you need to do once it’s been published.

In short, you’ll receive a bunch of tried and tested Video SEO tips and techniques based on the most important ranking factors that you can implement for FREE to get more views on Youtube.

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