Traffic Jeet Suite 2 Quick Tour – See How Traffic Jeet Can Boost your YouTube Business

by    SEO Services   Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Traffic Jeet 2 is a simple point and click solution that will help you drive huge traffic to your videos. This tool actually helped a newbie lady generate 1.7 million monthly which translates into almost 50,000 visitors a day.

You can also get these kind of results by uploading your videos on YouTube which is currently the second largest search engine. Drive in this traffic to your video with the help of our 6 in 1 software suite Traffic Jeet 2.

YouTube is all about right keywords. Here is a quick walkthrough on all the tools of this suite. Traffic Jeet is the first module. This provides you with detailed market research, competition analysis and ranking charts.

The first tab is find keywords. Type in the keyword you want to work with. Traffic Jeet will find list of related keywords. You can export this list to a CSV file or drill down the keywords and even find which of these have the ability to bring your page on Google’s SERP.

You can also sort this list or find out top videos for a particular keyword by clicking on the icon next to the keyword. The next tab find top videos is along the same lines. The analyse videos tab lets you run analytics any video url you desire.

Video Ranker tab will track your video rankings over a period of time. The keyword checker tab will tell you if the keywords come on page one of Google. The rank checker tab will give you the ranking of your video.

The second module is Tube Reaper Jeet. This will get you thousands of profitable keywords with option of suffixes and recursive search in less than a minute. These can then be exported and used for optimised content development.

The third module is Tube Inspector Jeet. With this tool you can import your keyword data from Google keyword planner and analyse it for your video paperclip campaigns. The software will then find relevant data. Set the keyword criteria and you are done.

The fourth module is Tube Chimp Jeet. This tools will stealthily provide you with the list f keywords that your competitors are targeting for a particular niche. So all you have to do is type in the niche keywords, click on show videos. Analyse the market for that videos on a fly and get keywords from videos that appear profitable.

The fifth module is Tube Detonator Jeet. This tool will search Google and YouTube for any niche keyword that you give. You will get open as well as quoted search results. It gives you further analysis such as Google ranking and level of competition.

The final module is Vidwords Jeet. This unique tool will help you maximise your traffic by using the strategy of keyword maps or harvesting. Maps lets us know how keywords are connected and harvesting lets us know which keywords are not targeted.

As you can see Traffic Jeet 2 is a supremely powerful tool that lets you research any market, track video rank, discover profitable keywords, spy on competitors, harvest unique keywords, analyse niche profitability, discover profitable markets and a lot more.

We have also packed in 3 bonuses. Keyword Goldmine Jeet, Live Advanced SEO Webinar and SEO Harvester Jeet

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