Traffic & Backlinks: Promote Your Website with this Marketing Strategy

by    Buy Backlinks   Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Use this website marketing strategy to promote your site and get traffic, backlinks, authority, and leverage powerful contacts. Plus get more traffic methods here

Today you will learn a:

Proven marketing strategy to promote your website
That drives organic traffic for free
And builds authority & gets powerful backlinks
Leveraging popular websites in your niche
Bonus: Done-for-you template that makes this easy
Extra bonus: More organic traffic methods

Who is this for?

Bloggers & content creators
Affiliate marketers
Service providers
Coaches / mentors
Offline / local businesses
Ecommerce stores

Website marketing strategy:

Find a website that accepts submissions
I’ll show you how
Pitch them content ideas
I’ll tell you what to say
Create & submit your content
Use strategic linking

Finding websites:

Use boolean search strings:
Niche + “write for us”
Niche + “submit post”
Niche + “become a contributor”
Niche + “guest post”
Niche + “send a tip”

Pitching your content ideas:

Warm them up
Comment on their blog & social media
Wait a few days & break the ice
Introduce yourself & ask a question
Wait for a response & pitch your ideas
Make it personal
Suggest 3 – 5 content ideas
Look for what’s missing or popular
Follow up if there’s no response

Your content and backlink strategy:

Do keyword research; complement not compete
Educational / results orientated content works best
Tutorials, stories, case studies, before and after
Break the article into sections
E.g. Step 1: How to achieve X
Add resource links at the end of each section
Deep link to other articles on the same site
Deep link to your own website
Deep link to your other guest posts

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