Top 14 Google SEO Ranking Factors – That will get you #1 In Google Search Results!

by    SEO Services   Saturday, July 13th, 2019

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” Top 14 Google SEO Ranking Factors – That will get you #1 In Google Search Results! ” Video I think you guys are going to find this video both educational and extremely profitable!!!

So let’s be clear about a few things here are my 14 Google Seo Rank Factors That I Mentioned That I think are the most important:

-Page Speed
– Keyword Match
– Content Recency
– No Duplicate content
– Page Updates (Take Consideration Frequency+ Quantity)
– Heading Tags
-Outbound Link Relevancy
– The Number of Internal links must go up, which results in more time on website
– Mobile Usage
– Domain Authority
-URL link
-Page Tags: Meta Tags, Title Tag, etc.
-Page Age (older web pages rank better, but they must have fresh new content to stay relevant)
-Contact Us Page, Terms of Service page, Privacy Policy Page

So in the video, we mentioned why these google ranking factors are important! Google wants to rank you in search for a keyword! Remember that these ranking factors are just that!
RANKING FACTORS for google – they aren’t make or breaks! Basically what I mean by that is you don’t have to be 100% perfect on a single factor but you have to put your effort on each of these ranking factors, at the end of the day that’s how you rank on google! Google wants to find what domain fits best with a searched keyword.
Basically, each google ranking factor is responsible for a small piece of how you rank and in what google rank position you fit in! So your job as an SEO expert is to make sure you put your best effort in to yield the highest SEO ranking, remember that SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION not search engine perfection! So take your time, and take it one step at a time and work on your optimization one search engine ranking factor at a time!

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