Tools for Link-Building and SEO Outreach to Boost Traffic and Rankings

by    SEO Services   Monday, September 23rd, 2019

This video goes over what you’ll need to execute an effective link-building and SEO outreach campaign.

Having run many link-building and outreach campaigns for SEO, I’m going to show you all the tools for link-building that you’ll need.

This video is Episode 3 in our link-building and outreach for SEO course. Make sure to check out our other videos as well.

In this video, we talk about different free tools as well as some premium tools that will be helpful when it comes to doing your link-building topic research and outreach.

We will share specific recommended tools for link-building including:
– Topic research tools
– Email outreach tools
– Link-building and SEO outreach management and organization tools

And we also share a few links to some free resources that we’ve created ourselves.

When you’re blogging, you should have an outreach strategy ready-to-execute for as soon as your article is published.

So, before you hit publish, you will need to do the research.

Using the outreach methods we discuss in the course, in practice you’re going to be reaching out to different websites to see if you can get them to link to your content.

Before we get into the specific outreach strategies and how to execute them, which we cover in the other videos, we’re going to talk about how you’re going to best prepare for publishing your blog post with these outreach tools.

In addition to this video, I have some helpful, and free, blog post promotion and link-building resources to share.

I wrote up a lengthy blog post case study on link-building campaigns you can check out here:

That post breaks down every step of running a link-building campaign, from the research to different outreach types like Skyscraper Technique and Link Roundups. Beyond that, it also shares results from a campaign I ran, so you can see how it went.

For free downloadable resources, you will want to check these out:

Link-Building Outreach Guide –

Link-Building Outreach Email Templates:

Link-Building Outreach Tracking Worksheet:

With all of these tools, and watching the rest of the videos in this course on link-building, you will have everything you need to launch a successful link-building outreach campaign to get links and build traffic and rankings for your website.

And, if you have not yet, check us out online at and