That Link Is Poison (Why You Should Do A Backlink Analysis) | Clicc Media Inc

by    Buy Backlinks   Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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Link building is an opportunity for your business to gain a significant following via referral websites. While increasing the number of backlinks to your site is an ideal way to expand this following, it’s more important to focus on quality links rather than a large quantity. Whether it’s a spam bot creating these toxic links or the result of human error, it’s crucial to eliminate toxic backlinks leading to your website before your performance suffers.

Google flags websites that contain a large number of toxic backlinks, which can lead them to exclude your website from being indexed online. If the issue persists, they may even go as far as penalizing your website, which will ultimately ruin your chances of improving your rankings and gaining exposure online. The solution is simple: perform a backlink analysis on your website to flag and eliminate toxic links. To do this, you can contact the link’s respective site owner(s) for help with removing these links, or submit your inquiry to Google Disavow for further assistance with removal.

At Clicc Media Inc, we make it easy for our clients to reap the benefits of a successful website without the worry of building toxic backlinks. Thus, we provide a quarterly backlink analysis to ensure your website remains free of links that may negatively affect your rankings and exposure. Contact us today at 954-271-3111 or visit for more information on our link building services and toxic backlink removal strategies.